What is Thread count

Thread count has for several years been a buzzword in bedding in Western countries, It’s actually something of a status symbol.

what exactly is thread count?

It is simply a measure of how many threads—warp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise)—are woven into one square inch of fabric. The thread count of “standard” cotton.

The one witch is being used by most of the company is 150 Thread count, some company use around 180 Thread count

Improvements in spinning and milling technologies have pushed up the numbers, thread counts up to 1200.

Fine lines begin with Higher Thread count, to get higher Thread count you require high quality of the cotton that depends on the length of the individual fibers the longer the staple the better the cotton longer staples can be combed finer to remove small fibers allowing the cotton the spun into finer textured with more tensile strength and woven into a softer more lustrous and luxurious fabric.

Some of the people using High Thread Count:

Bill Gate, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Angelina jolie, Calvin Klein,


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